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At G&J Accountric, we are well-suited to assist businesses in any sector in the Ottawa region from East to West- from services to associations, professionals, and manufacturing.

Our Client base is reflective of the diverse nature of doing business in Ottawa.

Over the years as Professional Accountants, we have developed specific expertise in each of the following areas:

Healthcare and Other Professionals

We have extensive experience advising professionals-physicians, dentists, veterinary specialists, and others on the financial aspects of running a professional practice.

From the startup of the practice (Incorporating) through to retirement, and all other decision-making throughout the years, we understand your commitment to building a successful practice and achieving your goals as well as through our extensive experience in the special tax rules for Professionals.

Online Medical Consultant

Real Estate Development and Construction

In serving the Real Estate sector, we understand the ever-evolving complexities and rules inherent in the real estate business. We can guide you through these complex transactions, ensure you take advantage of Corporate structures and tax mechanisms available to you, and provide you with the right advice on the advantages of different lease arrangements.

G&J Accountric has extensive expertise in the Construction field. We will help you prepare and understand your financial information, including you costs components and margins, assist with financial forecasts and budgeting, helping you with some issues the industry could face including revenue recognition, as well as your reporting obligations in the areas of payroll, GST/HST, WSIB, and Corporate tax returns.

Meetup with interior designer

Technology Consultants

While we understand what key issues this industry faces and how crucial visibility is to current financial position, we are here to tackle all the tech issues and create more significant opportunities while you focus on advancing your business.

We do provide up to date bookkeeping, prepare management reports and cash flow visibility, financial statements, and tax planning and business advisory.

Information Technology

Hospitality, Food, Retail and Other Services:

While overwhelmed and flooded with daily operational details and have limited time to dive into financials, we are experienced to create a free-stress environment for you while leaving your numbers to us.

We handle a variety of businesses like not for profit, food and beverages, gyms and fitness clubs, retail stores, beauty and massage therapists, as well as many others. We ensure that you get access to up-to-date accounting records, management reports, and stress-free tax compliances. We will set up a proper work processes including the bookkeeping, record-keeping process so that all bills, receipts, and bank statements are up to date.

Historically, some businesses could be one of the most targeted categories of owners by the CRA. These traits emphasize the importance of maintaining detailed and accurate records, complying with all HST, payroll and income tax compliance forms and deadlines, and having access to a Professional Accountant when questions do rise.

G&J Accountric recognizes these needs and provides all necessary services within an acceptable budget.

Successful Restaurant Owner
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